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About LS Design Agency. 

Over 2 years ago, LS Design Agency was trading under the name ROCSEN Management. This business provided cloud-based administrative support services to self-employed tradespeople in the London area.  The founders recognised that self-employed tradespeople often needed support with the day-to-day administration of running their trade operations from bookkeeping to graphic design. ROCSEN Management conveniently provided management services to business owners who were short on time or confused by the world of business and tech.

In 2022 the founders split ways, leaving Lejorne Senior as the remaining founder.

After some time away from the business, Lejorne decided to rebrand and focus on what ROCSEN did best... Design!


Today, with a new direction, LS Design Agency is a full-service design agency with the goal of finding new ways to visually enhance the brands around us.

LS Design Agency has 3 main design focuses

  1. Logo's

  2. Websites

  3. Marketing Materials

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